All technology comes from the abundant gifts of the Earth …

The multitude of digital communication technologies
that make connections between
humans simple and instant are,
from the perspective
of just a few decades ago, miraculous.

And yet, so many of us act as if
there were no connection between
these technological gifts
and the source of their possibility.

We believe that the digital realm,
like all of Life, is sacred.

Current Offerings

  • Walking with Earth Medicine
    Hosted by: FireHawk Hulin, Pele Rouge & Amy Lenzo

    A 13 Moon Ceremonial Journey in the Digital Realm.

    This journey is currently underway. The next one starts  in 2018.

    Read a description of the current journey here.

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  • The Art of Online Hosting
    Hosted by: Amy Lenzo
    & FireHawk Hulin

    An exploration into all aspects of hosting participatory practices online.

    Five Two-Hour Sessions (Tuesdays):
    Oct 10th – Nov 7th
    10:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time

    More Information & Registration

Future Offerings
(2018 and beyond)
Soul Collage in the Digital Realm
Wisdom Councils for Understanding

More Happening Now
Connect with Center for Timeless Earth Wisdom
for OnEarth Ceremonies

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