We are humans who each have a passionate relationship with the wisdom of the Earth, and with the power and potential of the digital realm. We work in collaboration, each of us bringing our particular strengths and interests to shared projects. Together, we are Earth (+Digital)  Wisdom.

HAWK BANNERWe believe that the digital realm, like all of Life, is sacred. It holds vast potential for growing deeper connections and our collective capacity to serve Life. Our work explores new ways to “be” in the digital realm that connect us ever more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the natural world that is our home.

Amy’s 15+ years of experience hosting participatory practices online, combined with her profound love of beauty, fuel a personal passion for online engagement that can reconnect people to their senses, each other, the natural world, and the sacredness of all Life. Amy’s long-time engagement with applied ecopsychology and earth-based alternative living bring a deeply embodied understanding of earth wisdom to her work, while her photographer’s eyes keep her alert to the incredible beauty at the heart of this world.

FIREHAWK: After a twenty-year career producing large-scale creative presentations, the work of evoking, and enabling the presence of the sacred in the digital realm is FireHawk’s passionate dream. FireHawk and Pele Rouge’s nine-year apprenticeship with their Earth Wisdom Teachers led them, for the last fourteen years, on a quest to find both new and old ways for us all to reconnect with the wisdom of Mother Earth. This wisdom, sometimes called the Song of the Earth, is the birthright of all humans who are willing to enter a stewardship relationship with the Earth. This vital relationship is needed now, more than ever.

PELE ROUGE has a passion for re-balancing the Feminine and Masculine energies on Earth. Her ongoing work with women and men in circle offers people exquisite opportunities to discover these roles and dimensions in themselves for learning and growth. During her twenty year journey with Earth Wisdom Teachings, Pele, together with FireHawk, her husband, have ignited people’s hearts and wisdom through business retreats, community ceremonies, and individual quests throughout the U.S. and Europe.