Ridge BeautyWe believe that the spirit realm, like the physical realm, requires tending and caring. And that it is with our love, our prayers, and our attention that we tend and care for the spirit realm, which in turn animates all life. At the heart of all our offerings at Digital+ Earth Wisdom is our desire to “give back” of ourselves in gratitude and in honor; to feed Spirit, and all of Life.

Electronic media is to be one of love’s most powerful and effective tools
of transformation … facilitating and catalyzing widespread awakening …

~ Ken Carey, Starseed: The Third Millennium

We offer several different and complementary explorations of being together in the Digital Realm. Details of current sessions will be listed on our Calendar page. You are warmly invited to check back often and join our mailing list to stay updated.


Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Click on the image for more information


Becoming a more conscious online host. Click the image for more information.


Cultivating new habits online. Click the image for more information.


Co-Create the time & space for Ceremony, online & off. Click the image for more information.