(Co) Creating Ceremony in the Digital Realm: A Practicum


A One Day Timeless Experience

Suggested Fee: $75 (see below for alternative economy options)

Offered by: FireHawk Hulin & Amy Lenzo

For many years now, together and separately, we have been offering opportunities for people to come together online in a ceremonial way.

Over the last years we’ve guided a monthly series of explicit online Elemental Ceremonies with Pele Rouge Chadima, honoring and exploring the four elements that make up all of life – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Through these ceremonies in the digital realm, we have experienced the power and the beauty of what FireHawk and Pele have lived into in almost 25 years of creating ceremonies on Mother Earth, and what Amy has been creating online in the last 15.

We have been able to gather worldwide circles of friends both old and new to create a rhythm of ceremonial life that transcends time and distance, and felt the joy and wonder – and the depth – of connecting with people in this way.

We have come to know the efficacy of translating ancient practice into our modern world – after all, every scrap of our technology comes from Mother Earth.

Our belief that the Digital Realm, like all of Life, is Sacred, is asking that we offer what we are learning to those who want to bring more ceremony into the digital realm. So we are calling a circle to begin an exploration of both the practical and the sacred aspects of offering ceremony online.

In this unique 2.5 hour experience of what it means to (co)create ceremony with others in the digital realm, we explore:

  • Invitation – Ways to signal the ground from which the ceremony is being offered
  • Preparation – Using the Self as instrument, or expression of wholeness for the good of all Life
  • Practice – How to hold a container online, and guide the flow with love and awareness while allowing people to find their own way
  • Responsibility – What gets opened by ceremony, what must be completed, and the nature of karma


This exploration will serve you if:

  • You already hold ceremonies on Earth and want to augment (not replace) this work online
  • You hold your work in the world – whether online or offline – as ceremony
  • You know that this is, or may be, a part of what is yours to do in service to Life

Your Hosts

Amy LenzoAmy Lenzo brings over a decade of experience hosting World Cafe and other participatory practices online through weDialogue. These skills, with 40 years of spiritual practice, a deep love of the Earth, and a belief in humankind (be both), have resulted in her unique evolutionary stance as an online host.

Hawk Direct250FireHawk Hulin applies a deep and abiding integration of Earth Wisdom teachings in all his offerings in the digital realm, including co-hosting Digital+ Earth Wisdom’s acclaimed Elemental Ceremonies.

Alternative Economy Options

100% of the suggested registration fee for our courses cover the costs of producing the trainings, and we have consciously priced them to be as accessible as possible.

AND we don’t want finances to get in the way of your participation, so there are always alternative financial options in your registration form, including an invitation to contribute more to cover those who can’t pay the full rate. Help make trainings like this one open to all who would benefit by contributing at the level you are able.

If even the reduced costs offered are a challenge for you right now and you would like to talk about other options, please send an email to moc.e1519139035ugola1519139035idew@1519139035yma1519139035 and moc.m1519139035odsiw1519139035htrae1519139035ssele1519139035mit@k1519139035waher1519139035if1519139035 describing your situation and interest and we’ll work something out.