Journeying with Earth Medicine:
Thirteen Moons of Ceremony

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On the Sunday Closest To Each New Moon
May 28th, 2017 – May 20th, 2018
May 28,  June 18,  July 16,  August 20,  September 17,  October 22,  November 19,  December 17,  January 14,  February 18,  March 18,  April 15, & May 20
10 – 12 Pacific / 1- 3 Eastern / 6 – 8 GMT / 7 – 9pm CET

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Our intention with these thirteen ceremonies is to touch the wisdom of the earth – each of us, from wherever we are standing in our different traditions and skins, in all the unique and related ways we experience the precious gifts that earth has for us. We aim to deepen our innate relationship with earth and the rest of the natural world that we too are part of.

The following three videos are part of our invitation to you to consider this journey, as a way to bring ceremonial circle practice and Earth Wisdom ways into your life in the coming year. Simply click on the image to access the video.

Amy Speaks about Ceremony

Pele speaks about taking a journey of learning together

FireHawk speaks about the purpose of this journey

The Program Will Include

Thirteen Two-Hour “Real Time” “Live” Online Ceremonies*
to open up each Moon’s focus of learning, with

  • Large Group Engagement with your guides
  • Large & Small Group Engagement with your fellow travelers
  • Collective Creative Exploration

Invitations to Go Deeper
to embody the Earth Wisdom you are receiving

  • “Live Withs” & Work in Triads
    (up to two hours a week)
  • Reflection, Writing, and/or Other Forms of Expression
    about what we are each learning (up to three hours a month)

* All sessions will be recorded if you have to miss one; but we strongly suggest you plan to attend all of the live sessions for full value.

In Addition,  All Travelers Will Enjoy
  • An Earth Medicine Journal/Workbook
    to support you in your personal 13 Moon Journey
  • Password-protected Webpages
    for access to all audio and video recordings, plus: additional special resources for each session.
  • Private FaceBook Group
    for interaction and engagement between ceremonies
  • Mayan Calendar Highlights
    for inspiration and guidance between ceremonies

$650 (If finances are a limiting issue for you, please see our policy below)

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Over the seasons of one year, we will explore thirteen different aspects of Earth Medicine. We will listen deeply to receive the wisdom that can serve us in profound ways.

During this process we will dance with an older way of looking at time, one that is in relationship with the cycles and wisdom of the natural world, the way things actually are. When we move in supportive relationship with the natural cycles of Earth, we establish patterns in our lives that are life-giving, nourishing, and in harmony with the larger rhythms of life.

Throughout the thirteen ceremonies, we will explore, contemplate, co-create, and meditate in direct partnership with Nature, including our own Human nature – body, mind, spirit and emotion.

We begin on May 28th with an activation of the new stories that are emerging among us here on earth at this time. Here’s the pattern:

May 28th – The Medicine of Story
We will look at the power and importance of the Medicine of Story, and how our stories help us remember and realize the fullness of our identity.
What are the stories we tell ourselves and each other? How do stories inform reality?
What are the generative stories we want to live into this year?

June 18th – The Medicine of Ground
We will explore being grounded (not the teenage variety) and the importance of standing in our ground in order to provide ourselves and others with the sustenance that we need.
What is your ground? Where do you go for sustenance? What’s the relationship between Ground and Earth and what makes that relationship stronger? How do we ground ourselves, our work, and our relations in the very substance of Earth?

July 16th – The Medicine of Connection
We will look at the patterns of connection that make up the fabric of our lives, and ask ourselves about our yearnings for greater connection.
What connects us all? What are the deeper patterns of connection within our lives?

August 20th – The Medicine of Breath
We will play with breathing practices and the way that breath can interrupt patterns that no longer serve us. We will practice together and look into what happens when we consciously synchronize our breathing.
If breath is the physical conduit to Life and Spirit, what is the power of breathing consciously; of breathing together? How does Earth breathe?

September 17th – The Medicine of Play
If Life is energy, what encourages us to choreograph our own energy? We will explore our ability to shift and play with any energy that shows up in our lives and also explore strategies for staying out of traps of our own making.
What is play? What is the wisdom of releasing the burdens of our own making and becoming as little children again?

October 22nd – The Medicine of Expression
If we start with the premise that we are born into this life to express ourselves fully, what inspiration in the natural world can help us evolve our expression as we continue to grow and mature?
What is it to inhabit a fully expressed life? To open ourselves as clear channels for the Divine?

November 19th – The Medicine of Presence
We will explore the powerful dynamic of being and becoming present. Earth in her natural beauty seems to be calling us to greater and greater presence.
What is Presence? How does being fully Present transform life?

December 17th – The Medicine of Flow
When we enter into the flow of our own life and that of life around us, we raise the bar on our satisfaction with life and our effectiveness as a contributor to life.
What is it to give ourselves over to the River of our Lives? What is it to feel Flow?

January 14th, 2018 – The Medicine of Curiosity
There is an old saying that says: the first people had questions and they were free and the second people had answers and became enslaved. Our seeking helps us to grow or restore trust in our lives.
What if Life is a Mystery, not to be “solved”, but to be explored joyously? What is the Medicine of Curiosity?

February 18th, 2018 – The Medicine of Action
If life is a reciprocal dance, then actions are our steps in that ongoing dance. We will look into the nature of right action and the connection between your courageous heart and clear, unencumbered, action.
What is the next clear step of your courageous heart?

March 18th, 2018 – The Medicine of Imagination
The mythologists say that imagination is the glue that holds our lives together and that, without it, we would die. We will explore the pragmatic as well as the mythic side of imagination.
What is the true nature of Imagination, and how can it enrich and deepen our experience of “every day” life? What does Earth imagine?

April 15th, 2018 – The Medicine of Silence
Angeles Arrien talked about “the sweet territory of silence” – we will explore this territory through practices and philosophy. When the noise of modern life grows too loud, finding the silence within and without is very important.
What is the Medicine of Silence? What is sound at the center of the Universe?

May 20th 2018 – The Medicine of Beauty
In our final session, we aim to co-create a poem to beauty – through our words, images and our intentions. The old Native prayer – may we all walk in beauty – is a good way to help us remember the function of beauty in our world.
What is Beauty for? What would it be like to live in the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible”?


The pattern and design of this ceremonial series is deeply informed by Earth Wisdom as embodied in the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, the Mayan Calendar, and the Mayan Sacred 20 Count. No prior knowledge of any of these are necessary in order to take this journey.

For those who are walking a formal path of Earth Wisdom, this series will anchor and support you in integrating what you have learned and deepening your practice.

This is not primarily a teaching ceremony. Rather, it is a “tuning” ceremony, bringing us each into our own direct relationship with the medicine of Earth. Earth Medicine is present and accessible for each of us; this journey will take us to those places where we can access it.


FireHawk, Amy Lenzo, Pele Rouge, and special guests, TBA


As Earth+Digital Wisdom, we have been offering ceremonial space online since 2014.

FireHawk’s nine-year apprenticeship with Earth Wisdom Teachers have led him on a quest to find both new and old ways for us all to reconnect with the wisdom of Mother Earth, which is the birthright of all humans willing to enter a stewardship relationship with the Earth.

Amy Lenzo
A graduate of the formal two-year Walking as a Chief training with FireHawk and Pele, Amy brings her love of Earth, passion & experience hosting an earth and human-centered internet, and over four decades of mystical training and meditation to this ceremony.

Pele Rouge
Through her passion for re-balancing the Feminine and Masculine energies and twenty-year journey with Earth Wisdom Teachings, Pele has ignited people’s hearts and wisdom through business retreats, community ceremonies, and individual quests throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Ceremony – whether it is online or onsite – asks us to hold a fundamental attitude of respect and appreciation for Life. Our agreements – for all conscious relationship is held by conscious agreement – are simple (gifted to us from Angeles Arrien‘s work):

  • Show Up and Be Present
  • Pay Attention to What Has Heart and Meaning
  • Speak Your Truth Without Blame or Judgement
  • Be Open to Outcome Without Being Attached

We are living in an economy that many feel is near a breaking point. For some of us, that point has already come.

We at Earth+ Digital Wisdom are living into the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (thank you Charles Eisenstein for this lovely phrase) and want everything we do to help build new models that can support and sustain Life.

This work is not about money, even as we live within a larger structure that requires economic flow to make a year-long course like this possible. Our response to the challenge of living in between worlds is to set a fee that is reasonable and fair and reflects the actual costs of producing the series. Because we want to make the work available to everyone who truly feels called to be there, we also offer an alternative option for those experiencing financial challenge right now, and we gratefully receive contributions from those with the means to help.

We will do everything we can to make it possible for you to participate if you really want to walk with us. If the alternative fee won’t work for you either, please contact us and let’s talk.