Hosted by: Amy Lenzo & FireHawk Hulin
Five Two-Hour Sessions

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We invite you to join us in this five-week learning journey about hosting online.

Our intent with this course is not only to explore the basics of an increasingly important skill set, but also to help each of us shift the ways that we work within this medium; to become more conscious, more earth-connected, authentic, and ultimately more effective at creating the online environments we want to “be” and work within.

You will come out of the course with a powerful repertoire of online hosting skills that will inform and enhance your practice at every level, even as it continues to evolve and grow.

Session Details

Session 1:
Invitation to Presence

The ability to host others, or “hold space” online for collective inquiry and transformation begins with the capacity to be present to ourselves: in effect, to host ourselves.

Setting the stage for successful online engagement, our first session invites us to experience for ourselves the importance of Presence in online hosting and understand more about how that works.

Bringing together the social technologies of today with ancient wisdom practices, we will learn to “listen in” to the subtlety of online energy.

We will develop our capacity to access authentic presence in the digital realm – within ourselves as hosts, and within the groups we are convening, as presence in a host is a direct invitation to presence in the group.

Session 2:
Hosting a New Culture of Technology

In our second session, we will engage directly with the medium and culture of technology. Building on what we’ve learned about presence, we move to the conscious use of our medium and experience what happens when presence is aligned with purpose and intention.

This session will feature an introduction to the skillful use of video, sound, photography, graphics and other online tools to enhance and augment group engagement and participation.

We’ll be looking behind the curtain and attending to the practical magic of our craft – from the backdrops we choose, lighting techniques and sound quality, to securing the best internet connection and juggling screen real estate.

We’ll learn the confidence and openness to spontaneity that thorough preparation can give, and the power of applying the right imagery or digital format for the right circumstance.

Session 3:
Walking with Earth Wisdom
in the Digital Realm

Our third session is practical and mystical at the same time, as being connected to the earth is the natural state of all living beings, even when we don’t remember how.

This session is about staying grounded and in touch with our bodies and the larger environment as we are hosting in the digital realm.

Consciously resisting the tendency towards mental abstraction and bodily disconnection that characterizes so much of the online culture, we begin with the radical premise that the technologies we use everyday arise from the bounty and beauty of the Mother Earth, and are no less “natural” than the rest of creation.

Drawing on the inherent wisdom of the Earth – a living being who has been evolving ever more complex life forms for billions of years – we will explore how to be with ourselves and each other in an online environment in ever more conscious and earth-connected ways, in order to keep ourselves and our work fresh and alive.

Session 4:
Designing for Participatory
Practice Online

Our fourth session applies the work of the first three sessions to the design of online engagement.

World Cafe is one of the great conversation methodologies to emerge from the wellsprings of dialogue and organizational design, and it has been successfully hosted online for over a decade now.

The World Cafe format naturally maximizes online engagement, but we’ll also explore the specific needs of hosting other forms like Open Space, Circle, the Medicine Way, etc..

Together we will discover how to apply the archetypal patterns in these practices to engage participants and help them connect with the collective wisdom inherent in groups of people who gather in conscious ways.

Together we will discover how to apply the archetypal patterns in these practices to engage participants and help them connect with the collective wisdom inherent in groups of people who gather in conscious ways.

Session 5:
Dancing with the Technology

Our final session will give you practical knowledge of the technologies you most want to learn more about.

We will not attempt to be exhaustive or explore all the possible technology choices, but we will give you “hands on” experience and practical knowledge in the ones we have found to be most useful in supporting online engagement: Zoom, FaceBook Groups, Google Docs, Slack or Ryver and more. We will also respond to questions and specific requests.

This session is designed to give you confidence in your ability to master the skills you need to either host the technology yourself or work closely and effectively with a tech host.

It will give you a sense of how different platforms work together to address different needs; before, during and after your online engagement.

Comments from Past Participants
“I participated (in this course) 3 years ago and for the first time experienced how the digital realm can be a meaningful and deep space for connection. If this topic is of interest to you I can recommend it from my heart.”

“I thought the class was fabulous … just what I needed to know to inspire me to greater heights.”

“This experience was life changing.”

“For me the course touched some of the deeper and universal traits of being alive, working together, leading others and leading yourself in a light-hearted and practical way. It gave me some very concrete inspiration for how I can include more creativity, mindfulness, and other ways of creating effective learning experiences in the online courses I run.”

“The hosts brought many years of their experience working with people both in person and virtually to the course in a very humorous, joyful, yet very professional way”

Your Hosts

Amy Lenzo brings over a decade of experience hosting World Cafe and other participatory practices online through weDialogue.

These skills, combined with 40 years of spiritual practice, a deep love of the Earth, and a belief in humankind (be both), have resulted in her unique evolutionary stance as an online host.

FireHawk Hulin brings over 25 years as a teacher of Earth Wisdom and over 40 years of experience producing media to his love of and curiosity about what he and Amy call the Digital Realm.

“How can we gather in this realm in ways that encourage us to more human with one another, not less?”

Alternative Economy Options

100% of the suggested registration fee covers the costs of producing this five-session training and we have consciously priced it to be as accessible as possible.

AND we don’t want finances to get in the way of your participation, so we also offer a lower cost for those who can’t pay the full rate.

If even the reduced rate is a challenge for you right now, please be in touch and we’ll be happy to talk with you about other options.