Sacred Habits

Reconnecting to Wisdom in the Digital Realm

lotus sizedFour Two-Hour Sessions
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Offered by: Amy Lenzo & FireHawk Hulin

We invite you to join us in something extraordinary – an interactive, participatory learning journey to cultivate online habits that create space for a new experience in the digital realm.

This is not a course where you can sit back as part of a passive “audience” – rather, you will be called upon to bring your whole self as an active participant in the process. Together we will explore what it is to make a fundamental shift in the online conversation, opening the way for authentic and increasingly intimate engagement – with ourselves, each other, and the natural world we are all part of.

Our intent is to become more conscious, more earth-connected, and ultimately more effective at creating the environments we want to “be” and work within: to bring all of who we are to our experiences in the digital realm and cultivate our ability to walk with and draw upon the innate Wisdom that exists within and between us.  To come home to ways of being and doing online that nourish us, each other, and all of life.

Our four-week Online Learning Journey has four sessions with simple practices to anchor our learning. Each session focuses on one of four key elements of what it is to be “whole” as a human being – spirit, emotion, body, & mind. Our work together is to find a variety of ways to bring this wholeness to our digital engagements – email, social media, blogs, multi-media creations, or in our online meetings and webinars. Each week we’ll be introducing new tools and approaches to support each of these aspects, using group dialogue, individual reflection, and practical exercises.

 #1) Spirit – Creativity & Beauty
Our first session will focus our Intention and attention on Beauty in the Digital Realm. What is the function of beauty? We’ll explore what is beautiful to each of us and play with how beauty can be expressed in the digital realm. We’ll be working creatively with our senses and the sacred spark that is in all things, exploring the power of gifting that is at the heart of the digital revolution, and finding out what it is that makes each of us “come alive” online.

 #2) BodyPresence & Structure
When we gather together online, we can often feel a bit disembodied, like our connection to each other, to our bodies and the natural world, is somehow “thinner”. Being present in ourselves and consciously creating a strong container for our work dissipates this feeling of separation that can otherwise arise online.

Developing sacred habits in the realm of the body within the digital realm is a practical application of “hosting yourself” online – caring for our physical well-being and creating spaciousness. Sourcing our behavior in earth wisdom practices, we will experience what a  difference it makes to be connected to our bodies and to the Earth as we act, in everything we do, from a place of “ground”.

#3) EmotionsAwareness & Flow  
When we expand our emotional awareness of all the living beings that share this planet with us, we begin to feel the empathy that lets us speak with our hearts as well as our minds. We find we can develop our capacity to “sense into” each other and the context/s we find ourselves within, and know how to best respond.

By fine-tuning our emotional intelligence, we find we have more capacity to practice the art of “listening ourselves and each other into being”. Safety thrives in a field of respect, and respect takes time. In order to create flow with one another we need to slow things way down, practicing working at the “Speed of Life”.

#4) MindWisdom in Action
This session is about bringing together all we have learned and moving into action. How do we walk with greater wisdom online?

Applying positive habits of mind in the digital realm is all about the “skillful means” of focus and attention – by consciously choosing where to place our attention (and where not to), we can increase our positive impact and transform challenges with courage and ease.

This week’s focus is on connecting practices in the online world to our evolutionary purpose – the manifestation of our own unique wisdom in service to others – this course and the practices that flow out of it are all about creating opportunities for convening in the digital realm in ways that increase connection, deepen relationships and open new possibilities.

Completing this learning journey will give you a solid foundation for a very different way of being online and a basic repertoire of key skills that you will continue to build on for years to come.

Your Hosts

Amy LenzoAmy Lenzo brings over a decade of experience hosting World Cafe and other participatory practices online through weDialogue. These skills, with 40 years of spiritual practice, a deep love of the Earth, and a belief in humankind (be both), have resulted in her unique evolutionary stance as an online host.

Hawk Direct250FireHawk Hulin applies a deep and abiding integration of Earth Wisdom teachings in all his offerings in the digital realm, including co-hosting Digital+ Earth Wisdom’s acclaimed Elemental Ceremonies.

Alternative Economy Options

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