Sacred Technology on the Road

RoadReflectionsFireHawk and I went on a road trip to Arizona for 11 days in February. Somewhere around the 10th day, I realized that our bodies had slowed to the pace of life, in the way that can happen when there is no where you HAVE to go, and no one to whom you have to report. It’s that place of pure presence where you follow your natural impulses – eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, stay and commune with this particular landscape with your prayers and your camera, or keep driving until you get where you want to be next.

It was magical exploring this vast and beautiful part of the earth; every part of the land we’ve been with has left a powerful imprint on our mind/heart. From the majestic intimacy of Zion, to the aching grandeur of the high desert and the timelessness of the Grand Canyon; from the awesome sweetness and lights of Sedona, to the soft winter sun and soaring hawks in Tucson and the violet and yellow of the blooming Sonora – each place has opened to us and shared itself – we have met and been met, like shy lovers slowly discovering each other’s secrets. And the tender fierce beauty of each place has left us wanting more… ten days is not very long, after all.

light-swordsOn day seven of our journey we were scheduled to present a preview of our upcoming Earth +Digital Wisdom online course, Coming Home: Reconnecting to the Wisdom of the Earth. Luckily we were in Tucson at the home of dear friends with a great internet connection. Although producing an online event from a laptop and cell phones, many miles away from our usual tools and materials, held no guarantees, neither of us was concerned. We’d planned a flexible timeline for the call, and knew who was holding which part, and we felt ‘ready’.

Originally we’d even planned to spend the day out, exploring Tucson’s famous outdoor museum, returning home in plenty of time for the call. But that morning we both woke up feeling we wanted to spend the day connecting deeply with the land, so that we would really be present with our own earth connection, and so that our time with the people, also, would be imbued with her spirit.

The day was spent largely in silence, as we each prepared in the ways we felt called. I took a  long walk and was graced by the light on purple cacti and a sweeping vision of two sepia-tinged white hawks against the blue, blue sky. Back home, I sat in the courtyard and was visited by a ruby-throated hummingbird. Later, we offered sweet tobacco to the earth and built an altar; lit candles; set up the sacred technology.

altarAfterwards, we basked in the pleasure of having connected heart-to-heart with those who had gathered with us on the call to see whether this work was theirs to do, and felt deep gratitude for the sweet wisdom of the earth that held us, and the sacred technology that linked us over the miles – which still somehow feels like a miracle…

Is there something that brings your connection with the earth alive while you are online? I’d love to hear…


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