Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred


sacred-technologyFor us, Sacred Technology is the recognition that all of Life is Sacred, including the digital technologies we use everyday.

When we choose to see technology as sacred, our inner connection with Spirit is awakened and we are able to touch the world in unique and profound ways – whether we are emailing a colleague, watching a film, or walking in a forest.

Many of us live now in a space where technology seems to be running our lives, rather than amplifying the natural flow of life and deepening our connection with each other and the rest of nature.

We invite you to join us in exploring a more generative relationship with technology, and offer this question as a way to open up the territory: “Have you ever experienced a sense of the sacred when you’re online?” Tell us about it!

(Production note re the application of sacred technology: Amy and FireHawk are co-writing this blog entry at the same time using Google Docs – adding to and upgrading each others work – often laughing at the way the others’ mind works and delighting in that special magic that happens when the sum is greater than either of the parts 🙂 )


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