What is Earth Wisdom?

Men-an-Tol Megalithic stone monument Cornwall, England, Great Britain. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.The other day a friend asked Amy and I: “When you talk about Earth Wisdom, what exactly do you mean?”

Don’t you just love questions that stop you in your tracks?

The first place this took me to was to an understanding within myself of what do I mean when I say Earth. That feels really simple (and also wonderfully complex).

Earth is our home – the physical place that all 7.5 billion humans, and countless other species, live and thrive. How we view that home and our relationship with her, is where the complexity comes in.

Throughout human history, we humans have been nourished and encouraged to grow by the particular nature of this place. In the centuries where our basic orientation to Earth was one of partnership, our synergy with the Earth was infinite and generative. As we came to live from the worldview that we were the owners of the Earth, we created the kinds of challenges that face us now – of it becoming clear that we really need to find a different way to live with and for Earth, so that we can truly care of all of the children of all species for all time (the best definition of sustainability that I’ve ever heard).

The roots of the word Wisdom are two-fold. The first one is the common one we all know and that is that wisdom is a kind of guidance that we can offer to or receive from others. The second root is much more interesting and that is the word lyric, which says that wisdom is a kind of song, a poetry that carries deep nourishment for all.

If Earth Wisdom is a Song…

How can we harmonize with her song?

How might we live our lives as a choir, singing her sing?

How can we create space and spaciousness in our busy lives, so that we hear the wisdom song of Earth?



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